At NWA Retirement Services, Inc., our goal is to help our clients reach financial awareness with added peace of mind by making sure they reach their financial goals and secure optional retirement income they should never outlive.

Wade Carter
Wade Carter was born and raised in Arkansas, where he continues to reside today. He comes from a household with strong family values, and his father always taught him to stand up for what he believed in and to always tell the truth, no matter how much it hurts.

Wade retired from AT&T Global Markets Division. With his experience in marketing, sales and finance, he chose to use his knowledge to do something else to contribute to his community. After seeing several of his friends lose their life savings in the stock market crash of 2001-2002, he decided to use his knowledge to help people keep their money safe. A regional manager of a major insurance company in Northwest Arkansas recruited Wade to be a member of their team, and he and his wife Donna made the move from Little Rock shortly thereafter. Wade managed an insurance office for a while and tried to learn everything he could about the insurance industry. After a couple of years, he decided to become an independent life insurance agent and has never looked back.

Wade and his team have helped many people prepare for their financial futures, particularly those with emphasis on protection of their principal — their lifelong savings. He specializes in working with three primary groups: pre-retirees, retirees, and professionals. His goal is to offer them retirement strategies that are designed toward providing security, predictability of principal and income, and a better understanding in terms of their unique attitudes toward risk tolerance, time horizons, financial objects, and retirement goals.

Wade is the host of Smart Money Strategies radio show on KURM 790AM, Tuesday mornings at 9:30, Wednesday afternoons at 4:30, Thursday afternoons at 4:00, and Saturday mornings at 9:00. Tune in to hear “The Smart Money Man” address the problems retirees face due to today’s problematic, often rocky markets.

Donna Carter
Donna Carter is from Little Rock Arkansas and has experience in Property and Casualty Insurance, Banking and Marketing, and Sales. Her last job was in marketing for a major leasing company in Little Rock, where she worked for 18 years. She created finance programs for people that were opening franchises all across the U.S. and traveled and trained the staff at the Franchisor headquarters so they would know what documents were needed for the loans and understand the finance programs that were created for their franchisees. Donna says, “I don’t know who benefited the most from my work, the franchisees or me. I loved meeting so many people all across the U.S. and enjoyed helping them open their businesses.”

Donna still enjoys working with the public, and for the last 10 years has worked with her husband, Wade. She handles advertising and marketing for NWA Retirement and works with seniors who need assistance in gaining more information regarding topics like Medicare.

Donna and Wade work together well and have the same goal, which is to treat everyone with respect and always do the right thing for the client.

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